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Employee Rewards by Matter on Slack & Microsoft Teams!

January 25, 2023
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Supercharge Recognition, With Rewards! 🏆

Today's the day! Matter is officially launching Rewards with the goal to supercharge Feedback Friday (team recognition ritual).

Add coins on to kudos and feedback to show extra appreciation. Redeem coins for global gift cards, charitable donations, and custom company rewards.

Support Matter on Product Hunt 😻

We love hearing from you. Let us know what you think about the launch of Rewards and show us some love on Product Hunt.

What Rewards are offered? 🎁

  • Gift Cards — 1,000+ Merchants across 80+ countries.

  • Charitable Donations — Donate to the charity of your choice.

  • Company Rewards — Create your own rewards such as merchandise, experiences (e.g., lunch with the CEO), etc.

How does Rewards work? ⚙️

  1. Team members give and receive coins via kudos or feedback.

  2. Members request rewards and admin either approvals or declines the request.

  3. Gift cards & donations are automatically delivered in local currency. Company rewards need to be delivered internally.

We're here to help!

Get your questions answered with our Rewards Training Video + FAQs. Or schedule a demo here to get a live look at Rewards.

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