Explainer Videos Cost $50k — $500k, So We Made A Game Instead

June 20, 2018
2 Min Read
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Matter's Vault

1/ Startup explainer videos can cost $50k — $500k! Instead, we made an explainer game as part of our SaaS onboarding flow. Matter Here’s why…

2/ There are SO many explainer videos released every week and it’s rare that any one video can break through the noise.

3/ We learned the costs and were honest with ourselves about the expected ROI…and couldn’t justify the investment.

4/ The team decided to try something new, different, and, perhaps most importantly, fun.

5/ We made an interactive explainer game and we hope you’ll give it a try and let us know what you think 👉 https://matterapp.com 🕹🎊📣

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