New Feature: Kudos

Giving praise shouldn’t be sacred. It should be a ritual. Research has shown that the highest performing teams give on average six praises for every negative feedback. We started Matter with the premise that feedback should be both productive and positive.

Now with  kudos, you can celebrate, praise, and recognize your peers in style, both individual and team wins. Our head of design, Marc Reisen, shares why giving and receiving praise on Matter is fun, simple, and easy:

"Giving praise shouldn’t have to feel awkward. We’ve created three simple themes that make it easy for you to tell your peers how much you appreciate them."

Ways to Use Kudos

Looking to celebrate, praise, and recognize in style? We've you covered. On Matter, you can choose from three types of kudos: Thank You, Amazing Job, and Team Player.

"Thank You" Kudos

When to use "Thank You" Kudos: Let your peers know how thankful you are of them, whether it’s their infectious smile, positivity, or recent support on a project.

"Amazing Job" Kudos

When to use "Amazing Job" Kudos: Nothing says “you kicked it out of the park” more than letting your peers know that they just did an amazing job.

"Team Player" Kudos

When to use "Team Player": Celebrate a team win together by adding multiple peers in the same kudos. Let them know you appreciate their collaboration.

📸 Behind the Product: Nothing says "I appreciate you" more than animated kudos. Matter's Elmar Carillo, software engineer, animated kudos from scratch using GreenSock. Here's why Elmar chose GreenSock to animate kudos:

"Much kudos goes to GreenSock team for providing the platform to give our kudos design some love. With the newly updated timeline tool, it was very simple to transform our vector images into animations that scale."

How Kudos Work

Matter makes sharing appreciation regularly and timely simple. First, go to the Home page, then click Send Kudos. Afterward, choose the type of kudos you want to send. Then, select peer(s) who you want to send some kudos love. Now, add a message with your kudos and click Send. Hurrah, your kudos is on its way!

How to Send Kudos on Matter

Got Questions?

We're here to help. Tweet to us @matterapp or email us at hello(at) Below are additional resources related to this release.

What Do You Think of Our Latest Update?

Your feedback matters. Let us know what you think about kudos and this update by tweeting to us @matterapp.

P.S. Join Elmar and the rest of our engineering team here Matter! We're actively looking for passionate software engineers (backend, frontend, and full-stack) who are eager to be part of a growing team and make feedback easier, pleasant, and more productive. Check out our openings.

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