New Features: Custom Skills and More!

February 25, 2019
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Matter is founded on the principle of putting you in control of getting the professional feedback you need to grow your career. When we first launched, Matter recommend over 50 skills to help people easily gather meaningful feedback from their peers. Since then, we’ve heard from our users that they need the ability to create custom skills. We understand that “one size doesn’t fit all,” which is why we’re announcing new updates so you can customize your feedback experience.

🎨 Custom Skills

Enter the name of your custom skill, its description, and optionally select a badge color to differentiate between multiple custom skills (you don’t want a long list of purple skills - orange is nice!). Once added, each of your custom skill(s) will be presented to your peers for feedback.

⚙️ Skill Management

You’ll also notice a new Skills tab in Matter’s header - a promotion to first class citizenship on Matter! With the new Skills tab, you can add new skills, edit your custom skills, or remove skills you’ve mastered and no longer need feedback on from your peers.

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