Top 10 Peer-to-Peer Recognition Software in 2023

December 22, 2021
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It's vital for businesses to implement a peer-to-peer recognition program of some sort, as it provides several benefits including increased employee productivity, boosting relationships among peers, and much more. And one of the easiest ways of offering employee recognition is by using some sort of peer recognition software. 

Today, we'll be discussing ten different peer-to-peer recognition software programs that you can easily implement for use within your company.


Nectar is peer-to-peer recognition software that allows employees to give peer-to-peer awards to their fellow peers. Employees can receive peer-to-peer awards for doing specific things, such as helping another employee, going above and beyond with their job, etc. 

As well as giving peer-to-peer awards, employees can also join peer groups or teams so they can easily work together with other peers who have similar interests. And the best part about Nectar is how it's extremely easy to use!


Blueboard is employee recognition software that allows businesses to monitor peer feedback throughout their whole company. This peer feedback that users can offer on it ranges from giving titles like "best workplace", "most supportive manager," etc., which are then fed into a company leaderboard where everyone can see. 

Employees can give peer-to-peer feedback to other employees, which will then show up on their profile within the peer recognition software. This recognition process enables employers to see who is doing a really good job at what they do and can help them develop career paths for those specific employees.


Bonusly is an employee recognition tool that allows peer-to-peer bonuses to be delivered easily within an organization. Employees can reward each other with peer bonuses for things like going above and beyond, completing projects on time, etc., as well as receiving peer bonuses from other peers for excelling at certain tasks or skill sets. 

There's also a bonus points system built into this peer recognition software where all users can receive bonus points for peer-to-peer bonuses, peer achievements, etc. Employees can also redeem these bonus points for peer bonuses.


Assembly is peer recognition software that helps businesses manage their peer recognition program, allowing workers to offer employee appreciation to one another for their efforts. 

This peer recognition software allows the peer recognition manager within an organization to create specific rewards and programs based on employee behavior and initiatives, as well as rewarding individual employees with peer recognition badges. The peer recognition manager also has access to a leaderboard where they can see how their peers are doing in terms of receiving peer awards from those around them.


Kazoo is peer-to-peer recognition software that focuses on improving teamwork and company culture by rewarding peer-to-peer recognition. Employees can offer social recognition for things such as going above and beyond, collaboration, great work on a project, etc. while receiving peer rewards from employees around them. 

Kazoo also allows peer managers to create virtual peer awards or peer awards within a certain time frame that all employees can see, helping improve employee morale and a company's workplace culture.


Fond is peer-to-peer recognition software that allows peer groups or teams to give peer-to-peer awards to each other for certain things. Employees can be nominated by peers in their specific peer group for doing great work, going above and beyond, being an awesome team player, etc., which are then rewarded with rewards from the peer group itself! 

The peer group also has access to a leaderboard where they can see who received peer awards within their specific peer group. This creates camaraderie among employees within the same peer groups.


Kudos is one of the great employee engagement tools available right now. It's extremely easy to use, easy to set up, and it doesn’t have any big expensive price tag. Kudos peer recognition software allows peer managers to create peer-to-peer awards, peer achievement badges, and peer-to-peer bonuses. These are then displayed in the peer manager's profile for all other employees within their specific peer group or team to see.


Snap Interactive is a peer to peer recognition platform that allows any business of any size to improve company culture while rewarding employees with peer recognition badges for excelling at certain skill sets, completing projects on time, showing up on time, working hard even when they don't feel like it, etc. Employees can also give peer rewards to their peers for doing exceptional work! This gives employees motivation by letting them know what they do is appreciated.


Giftogram is peer recognition software that helps employees better recognize each other by sending peer recognition awards as well as peer rewards! Employees can send peer-to-peer awards to their peers for doing great work, completing projects on time, going above and beyond what's expected of them, etc. They can also receive peer awards from their co-workers for excelling at specific skill sets or taking initiative in different areas within the company.


Matter is peer recognition software with an element of gamification built into it. This peer-to-peer recognition platform allows businesses to create games where employees can compete against one another for certain things such as having the most completed reports every week, getting the most done per day, etc. Employees are rewarded peer-to-peer awards for completing certain tasks while also earning the virtual game currency to spend on peer rewards or peer bonuses! Best of all, Matter is completely free to use and is a great way for peers to send Kudos and constructive criticism to one another.

If you happen to find this article helpful in any way and would like to learn more information on this subject, then check out our comprehensive guide to peer recognition.

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