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Top 5 Slack Survey Apps in 2024 [#1 Guide]

January 31, 2023
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Slack survey apps are a powerful tool for any team looking to boost engagement and productivity. These apps enable teams to conduct surveys seamlessly and gather feedback directly within the Slack platform. This eliminates the need for time-consuming and disruptive email surveys and allows for real-time data collection and analysis. 

By leveraging the convenience and immediacy of Slack, teams can receive valuable feedback that can be used to improve communication, team dynamics, and overall performance. With the ability to customize survey questions, target specific teams or individuals, and track responses, Slack survey apps provide an efficient and effective solution for gathering employee feedback.

Maximizing the potential of Slack survey apps for team communication

Slack survey apps are an invaluable tool to help teams maximize their communication potential. These tools allow users to quickly and easily create surveys, polls, and questionnaires that can be sent out to team members in real time. By using Slack survey apps, teams can clearly understand how their colleagues feel about specific topics or issues and make informed decisions based on the feedback given. In addition, through surveys and polls, teams can accurately understand how their team members view a particular issue or situation.

Furthermore, Slack survey apps provide an easy way for teams to gather data from their colleagues. For example, survey data can be used to track changes in employee morale, customer satisfaction, and overall team performance. Then, with this information, smart decisions can be made about where a project is going or what needs to change to make the team more productive. With Slack survey apps, teams can quickly gather the information that can be used to inform their decision-making process. As such, these tools offer an invaluable resource for teams to maximize their communication potential.

By using Slack survey apps, teams can quickly and easily collect data from their colleagues to inform their decision-making process. With this powerful tool, teams have the potential to enhance their communication and improve overall team performance. Furthermore, by utilizing the power of Slack survey apps, teams can gain valuable insights into how their team members feel about specific topics and make informed decisions based on the feedback given. Therefore, Slack survey apps are an excellent way for teams to maximize their communication potential.

Let's get into the best Slack survey apps.

Slack survey apps: an efficient solution for gathering employee feedback

Slack survey apps are an efficient way to gather employee feedback. By integrating with the Slack platform, these apps enable organizations to quickly and easily collect insights about their workplace. Through questionnaires, polls, and other forms of surveys, employees can promptly provide valuable feedback on the company's operations. The results of these surveys can then be quickly analyzed and acted upon, allowing employers to make meaningful changes in their business.

With the help of Slack apps, employers can ensure that their employees have a safe and supportive environment to work in. Furthermore, these apps provide organizations with data-driven insights into employee satisfaction and engagement, which can help them determine areas for improvement. By utilizing Slack survey apps, employers can ensure that their employees are happy and productive in the workplace.

Slack survey apps provide a comprehensive solution for gathering employee feedback. With pre-built templates and customizable options, organizations can easily design surveys to match their needs. Once launched, these surveys integrate seamlessly into the Slack platform, enabling teams to submit their responses quickly. The data collected can then be analyzed in real time and shared across different channels, allowing employers to make informed decisions regarding their workforce. Slack survey apps also have powerful analytics tools that will enable organizations to track employee satisfaction and engagement over time. By utilizing these tools, businesses can ensure that they are meeting the needs of their employees and making the necessary changes to improve their workplace.

This is an effective way for organizations to gather employee feedback, as it can help them identify areas of improvement, engage with their employees more effectively, and ensure that they provide a positive working environment for everyone. With the best Slack apps, employers can get the insights they need to make informed decisions and improve their operations.

Surveys: Aptly named, Surveys is a powerful tool that integrates directly with Slack to provide detailed, anonymous polls and feedback from your team.

In addition to running polls with Surveys, teams can:

  • Share your survey via private message or share it in a slack channel.
  • Use analytics to extract meaningful information with precision.
  • Get notified within Slack when someone answers a survey.

Pricing: Surveys are free for 10 participants per survey. The two paid plans range from $20 and $200.

Simple Poll: Slack's Simple Poll app is one of the most accessible and convenient survey tools. Users can create polls within Slack to capture their team's opinion or feedback on any topic with just a few clicks.

In addition to running polls, with Simple Poll, teams can:

  • Customize the text, colors, and fonts on each question.
  • Access analytics like voting trends and response rates.
  • Receive Slack notifications when someone answers a survey.
  • Share polls via private message or share them in a channel.

Pricing: Simple Polls is free for up to 100 responses per month, 30 polls per month, and ten surveys per month.

Standup.ly: Standup.ly is primarily a standup meeting tool that teams use for daily async meetings. This slack app allows you to run one-time polls or systematic surveys with conditional questions.

 In addition to running polls, with Standup.ly, teams can:

  • Run daily huddle check-ins.
  • Save repeated answers from Slack into an internal knowledge base.
  • Automates Agile processes via team surveys.

Standup.ly offers more functionality than Simple Polls and Surveys.

Pricing: Standup.ly's free plan includes automation and a Q&A system for three users. The paid plans range from $1.50/month per user to $7/month per slack user.

Polly.ai: Polly.ai is another Slack app that lets teams run polls. One feature that sets Polly apart is live polls. Live polls are polls or questions your audience answers in real-time on Zoom, virtual events like webinars, and Slack. 

In addition to running polls, with Polly.ai, teams can:

  • Automated employee onboarding workflows.
  • Automatic check-ins with new hires
  • Standup meetings.

Pricing: Polly.ai is free for up to 25 monthly responses per creator. Paid plans range from $49 to $498.

Geekbot: Similar to Polly.ai, Geekbot was designed primarily for asynchronous standup meetings. Async meeting apps aim to improve team communication for remote teams without scheduling meetings and wasting time.

In addition to running polls, with Geekbot, teams can:

  • Automated employee onboarding workflows.
  • Automated recurring tasks like check-ins and standup meetings.
  • Measure team morale with happiness graphs.

Pricing: Geekbot is free for up to 10 participants, best for smaller teams looking to simplify workflows. The cheapest paid option is $2.50/month per participant with a 30-day free trial.

Zonka Surveys: Zonka Feedback is a powerful yet easy-to-use app that allows teams to gather feedback from their members, customers, or employees via Slack. Its slack integration is seamless, allowing users to create surveys in just a few clicks.

In addition to running polls, with Zonka Surveys, teams can:

  • Choose from more than 500 professionally designed templates.
  • Distribute surveys at various touchpoints.
  • Net promoter score surveys can be used to gauge and enhance client loyalty.
  • Capture website experience feedback using popups, feedback buttons, and embed links.

Pricing: Zonka Feedback is by far the most pricing option, with their cheapest plan rolling in at $49/month. 

Leveraging Slack survey apps to improve team dynamics and productivity

Employee rewards and incentives can be powerful tools for boosting morale, encouraging collaboration, and fostering an environment of success. As businesses continue to optimize their workflows and become increasingly digital, finding innovative ways to maximize employee rewards incentives has never been more crucial. One such method is leveraging Slack survey apps –– which provide an efficient way to collect feedback, measure engagement, and reward employees.

Slack survey apps are an effective tool for promoting employee rewards and incentives. With an array of features such as custom surveys, feedback polls, team recognition systems, and automated rewards distribution, Slack survey apps make it easy to customize incentive programs that meet the needs of any organization. These apps also provide real-time insights into employee engagement and performance, allowing businesses to ensure their reward programs are genuinely effective. Furthermore, Slack survey apps can recognize employees for a job well done –– providing an added layer of motivation that can help drive productivity and performance.

Streamlining surveys with Slack survey apps for actionable results

Slack survey apps are a great way to streamline surveys for actionable results. By connecting the survey with Slack, users can send out surveys instantly and receive real-time feedback from customers, colleagues, and employees. Slack survey apps provide an intuitive user interface that makes it simple to quickly create complex questions and customize the look of your surveys in just a few clicks. Additionally, the survey app integrates with Slack's powerful messaging platform, allowing users to send surveys directly through the chatbot or by email to capture responses from their target audience.

With Slack survey apps, users can access detailed insights into the data collected from their surveys. This includes tracking response rate and completion time and the ability to segment and filter responses by demographic or other factors. Users can also easily export detailed reports in CSV format or view trends on the dashboard. This allows users to quickly identify areas of improvement within their business and take action on the results. By streamlining surveys with Slack survey apps, companies can receive real-time feedback that is actionable and useful.

How Slack survey apps can enhance employee engagement and satisfaction

Slack survey apps offer a variety of features that enable businesses to enhance employee engagement and satisfaction. Slack survey apps allow employers to quickly create surveys and polls, collect real-time data, and gain valuable insights. This can be used to measure employee attitudes, identify areas of improvement, and increase overall engagement. Additionally, the ability to customize surveys and polls to employees' specific needs can ensure that questions are relevant and valuable.

Slack survey apps also allow for quick feedback from employees on various initiatives, enabling employers to make decisions with more data-driven insight. It is possible to use this input to enhance employee satisfaction and the working environment. Furthermore, employers have access to various analytics and reporting tools, allowing them to understand employee trends better and identify areas where further engagement is required. With the help of free Slack apps, employers can ensure employees are engaged, satisfied, and productive.

Engage with employees using surveys

In conclusion, if you want an app that offers surveys, then Surveys or Simple Polls are your best option. On the other hand, if you need more functionality like standup meetings and internal knowledge bases, invest in a slack survey app like Standup.ly or Polly.ai.

If you want a customer-facing survey platform that integrates with Slack, Zonka Feedback is your best choice. 

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