Welcoming Marc Reisen to Matter

August 8, 2018
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Marc Reisen

Marc and his friendly dog Rhys.

I’m thrilled to announce that Marc Reisen joined Matter as our designer! Marc and I first worked together in 2013 and I’m thrilled to have him back on the team. Most recently, Marc was the Design Team Lead for Bitbucket at Atlassian via acquisition of my previous company.

Marc on “Why I joined Matter”

Three things resonated with me when Brett first shared Matter’s vision:

First, as a designer, feedback isn’t optional or a “nice to have,” it’s a necessity within the field. In design school, we’re taught about the importance of feedback as a way to help others do their best work. Matter has the opportunity to create this type of positive culture around feedback for all disciplines.

Second, I was drawn to Matter’s ambitious vision and broad reach: Everyone benefits from feedback. A growing number of my peers, many working at some of the world’s best companies, have expressed a deep hunger for more feedback in the workplace and a growing dissatisfaction with how hard it is to obtain.

Finally, I wanted to be a part of a social impact company and that’s exactly what Matter is. If we are successful, Matter will help its customers reach their goals and live more impactful lives.

Marc brings incredible expertise that is essential as we respond to customer feedback and work to fulfill Matter’s mission: Helping people improve their professional skills in a simpler, pleasant, and more impactful way.

Welcome, Marc!

Brett Hellman
CEO at Matter

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