How's social distancing going for you all? Yeah same, we miss human contact too. Luckily, we live in a golden age of technology where connecting to friends, family, and colleagues is just one text or call away.

Professionals are now relying heavily on technology to juggle multiple tasks, improve productivity, and keep communication flowing. In our roundup of go-to WFH apps, we picked the top 6 tools that will help you stay connected with your team.

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1. Notion 📝

This collaborative tool blends all types of documents and integrates them into one platform for the whole team to access. This document editor provides an array of templates to organize and store your notes. It acts like a giant reference vault.

This collaborative platform enables users to store and organize notes, documents, and other tasks.

Easter egg: You can integrate any social media links, Youtube and Vimeo videos by typing out “/video.” The items will appear and you can view the visuals without leaving Notion.

2. Zoom 📹

Hello? Can you hear me? Oh, you're on mute! Hey, we can't see you. Sound familiar? If you're a Zoom user, chances are you've probably heard or said this. This video conference calling app has become a popular tool to stay connected with remote team members. But, it's not just limited to big groups. You can still set up your one-on-one water cooler chats with your team members.

Matter's first work-from-home Zoom call! 🥳This good-looking bunch utilizes Zoom for daily standups.

Easter egg: Whether you're picking up your call from the depths of outer space, a sunny beach, or from chilly Alaska mixing up your daily Zoom calls is a fun way to stay connected while practicing health social distancing.

3. Google Calendar  🗓

If you want to maximize productivity, meet Google Calendar. This scheduling and management tool was designed to organize your personal and professional life. Features include sharing your calendar with other team members, setting reminders, and planning weeks or months in advance.

Google Calendar let's you color-code work and life tasks to declutter and manage scheduled events.

Easter egg: Did you know you can still use Google Calendar even when you’re offline? You can respond to invitations, schedule, edit, and add events. Your changes will automatically sync once you’re connected to WiFi.

4. Matter 🗣

In a time where productivity may dip with the adjustment of work-from-home, feedback is needed now more than ever. WFH may prompt you to work on skills that you didn’t even know you needed to improve. Matter provides actionable feedback to keep you proactively on top of your professional skills.

Matter's "Thank You" feature celebrates colleagues and shows gratitude for their work.

Easter egg: Praise your peers with the Kudos feature. On Matter you can choose between thank you, amazing job, and team player to celebrate your peers or team. We HIGHLY recommend this team feedback tool. 😉

5. Slack 💬

There’s no such thing as over-communication. Slack funnels asynchronous conversations among non-work channels to help teams stay connected. Even with less in-person contact, our Matter Slack community is bustling with various channels like #yums, #wfh, #social-media, #marketing.

Elmar, a Matter software engineer, shares his new work station with the Slack work-from-home channel. 

Easter egg: Even though Slack provides a plethora of emojis, you can have the option to customize your own by clicking your name on the top left corner and then choosing “Customize Slack” from the dropdown menu.

6. Figma 🔮

Figma's nature is centered around collaborative design. This real-time tool allows designers to create, edit, share, and open prototypes. Besides mock-ups, you can create competitive analysis that allows cross-functional teams to collaborate with designers.

Figma's collaboration feature saves designer and developers time and helps run projects smoothly.

Easter egg: Just like Google Calendar, Figma has an "always online" feature. Various team members or clients can jump on and make changes to a design in real-time. Also, you don't have worry about being out of sync, all change are saved.

There is light in adapting to a new environment. Working-from-home is an opportunity to enhance your productivity, responsiveness, and multitasking skills. Celebrate those small victories like responding to a Slack message or planning out your week on Google Calendar. It's the small strides that lead to an epic evolution.

Have any favorite collaboration tools we missed? We would to hear about them! Share your must-have apps with us @MatterApp or reach out via email at dixie[at] We can’t wait to hear from the people that matter the most – you!

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