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May 23, 2018
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How I used to be a terrible boss and what I’m doing about it now…

At my last company, I was a terrible boss. Like, really bad. If I had to work for me, I would have complained about myself on the daily. Did I realize this when I was in the throes of managing the company? Nope, it never even crossed my mind. It just wasn’t a priority. I was “too busy” hiring new team members, talking to customers, and communicating with investors. With my priorities elsewhere, I had no bandwidth to provide my employees with valuable feedback and — just as importantly — I had no foresight for collecting feedback from others about how I was doing.

Thinking back now, I bet my employees thought they didn’t matter to the company. But the truth is, they did matter. They mattered a lot and they deserved feedback. And, you know what? You matter too.

Matter was born out of a fundamental concept: Growth-minded professionals need quality feedback to reach their career goals. This idea, while straightforward, is not carried out in today’s companies for a variety of reasons:

  • The majority of bosses are not trained to provide quality feedback
  • Company goals are frequently misaligned with professionals’ long-term plans
  • Feedback is too sporadic

Moreover, the current products that are used to provide feedback are just plain boring and ineffective. However, the issue is much deeper than the current tools. That’s why we didn’t set out to change those products (or change your boss!) — that would be like putting a band-aid on the problem. Our mission is to change the whole way you approach getting feedback. Our mission is to put YOU in control.

So, who is Matter for?

  • Young professionals who change jobs every ~18 months and never have a chance to connect with their boss to get feedback
  • Ambitious professionals at large companies with big career dreams that extend beyond what their company thinks they should care about
  • Freelancers without a boss
  • Designers who value the opinions of people they work with outside their company
  • Engineers who want to be CTOs
  • Product managers who want to be engineers
  • Recruiters who want to be VPs of human resources

Matter is for everyone who knows that quality feedback will help them reach their full potential. Matter is for you.

Matter puts you in the driver’s seat of getting quality feedback. With Matter, feedback is no longer a process you passively wait for, but one in which you are actively in control. You select the professional skills you care about and the peers you trust to provide you with feedback. Hence, No Boss Required.™️

Make employee recognition & rewards fun with Matter!
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