Building Morale with Employee Appreciation Messages

September 10, 2021
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What are employee appreciation messages?

Employee appreciation is a practice of thanking and showing gratitude to your employees. It can take many forms from employee recognition, employee gifts, employee appreciation messages, the list goes on!

Employee appreciation messages are simply emails, handwritten notes, or feedback sent to an employee from the company, a supervisor, manager, or coworker. These messages allow employers and teammates to express their gratitude in a very explicit way. 

Companies appreciate their employees for all they do, and employee appreciation messages allow them to thank their entire team verbally or let them know how much they contribute to the company's success.

Why are employee appreciation messages important in 2021?

Employee recognition and employee appreciation messages are important because they lead to overall employee engagement and increase business productivity. Fostering employee engagement and employee retention is one of the top priorities in 2021, and employee appreciation messages can help you achieve these goals. More specifically, by showing your employees that they are valuable assets to your company and that you care for them as people, not just workers.

You might want to write an employee appreciation message for someone who was a huge help during a big project or send one to a team member who took on a difficult task without being asked and handled it excellently. Sometimes, though, it is important to also write appreciation messages to employees who’ve never had the honor of doing anything extraordinary. Employees who’ve been slogging along doing great work consistently without it being noticed. An employee appreciation day message, for instance, could express your sincerest thanks for a year of supporting the company values and to the company culture.

Statistics on employee appreciation messages

Employees that are recognized are 6x more likely to be engaged at work, have increased productivity, increased commitment towards their employer, improved morale, and have better retention rates. Office staff that receives praise in appreciation notes have a more positive attitude and better morale. Here is some more data related to employee appreciation messages:

The easiest way to implement an employee recognition program is to start thanking employees regularly for what they do on the job!

Fostering engagement with employee appreciation messages 

The key to fostering employee engagement lies in communication. Employee appreciation messages can be one of your most effective tools in increasing engagement among your workforce. If your employees know they are valued, they will feel more empowered to put their best foot forward when doing their jobs. Resulting in continued success, increased productivity, and better organizational results. 

To use employee appreciation messages to foster engagement, send them regularly, and send them as soon as possible after the employee has done something to benefit your company. Be specific with your praise. Here are some examples of effective employee appreciation message ideas:

  • Send an email thanking them for something specific they've done over the past several days. Make sure it is heartfelt. Try to avoid sounding like a robot! Share how their effort helps out the entire team.
  • Employee appreciation days, where employees get to dress down, take a day off work, or have lunch brought in by management, can be an excellent time to send thoughtful employee recognition and employee appreciation messages. 
  • Sending a "textless" anniversary card that shows a save the date for a special dinner or other surprise activity can also serve as an employee appreciation message while still being surprising and fun! Or consider sending congratulations via employee appreciation messages for employee anniversaries, employee birthdays, or National Employee Appreciation Day. 

There are many different ways to send great employee appreciation messages, but don’t overthink it! Just be sure that your team knows they're appreciated for their excellent work, extra effort, and positive attitude.

Employee appreciation messages software

There's an abundance of employee recognition software on the market, designed specifically to help manage employee engagement and performance through effective employee motivation strategies. Such as sending regular staff appreciation text messages. When used correctly, this kind of employee motivation software can become a powerful employee management tool, helping managers to send employee appreciation messages much more quickly and efficiently.

For instance, Matter (which seamlessly integrates into Slack) makes sending appreciation words almost automatic and is effective at encouraging team members to give each other constructive and positive feedback. Tellinga, another virtual messaging software, allows you to design custom greeting cards to send to your employees. 

Staff recognition message ideas

Staff recognition messages are a great way to say thank you, recognize good work, and improve employee morale. They don't have to be elaborate or expensive, even the simplest employee appreciation note can make someone's day! The best staff appreciation messages are sincere, thoughtful, and personal. Employee appreciation quotes can inspire you if you get stuck, but honestly, an appreciation message doesn't have to be fancy! If your team members receive an email with the company letterhead thanking them for their hard work, it might look something like this: 

"Dear Susan - We want to thank you for all of your efforts at XXXX over the last few months. You've done a fantastic job backing up Matt while he was out on paternity leave! We appreciate your dedication and hard work. We hope you have a great weekend!"

When employee appreciation messages are made in-person or on employee handbooks and company newsletters, the employee appreciation message looks more like this: 

"Hi Susan, I just want to say thanks for all your help with XXXX lately. Matt told me how much he appreciated your help while he was out on leave, you really saved the day. So thank you! We really appreciate everything you do here." 

Employees typically respond better to face-to-face employee appreciation messages rather than email employee recognition messages, because they feel more sincere and personalized. Or, to make an employee appreciation message particularly special, consider sending it on expensive stationery in a special envelope.

Final tips on employee appreciation messages

  • Use employee appreciation messages to congratulate an employee for a special occasion. Some ideas: a work anniversary, when they’ve accepted a promotion, or have received five-star feedback from a customer.
  • Keep employee appreciation messages short and meaningful. If you can't think of exactly what to say, try including a well-chosen employee appreciation quote!
  • Make employee recognition and employee appreciation messaging fun by sending funny memes with your employee recognition notes. You can also use emojis to brighten things up!
  • Reply to any replies that employees make when they get your employee appreciation message, so you can maintain contact even after the initial send. 

Finally, remember that employee appreciation messages don't always have to be written down. By actually spending time with your employee, you can show that employee appreciation and employee recognition come from the heart. Consider getting together with them for a coffee break or lunch, or taking them out for drinks after work so they know how much you appreciate their good work and dedication. As long as employee appreciation messages are sincere, they will not only garner employee engagement but also foster positive employee morale!

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