New: Custom Surveys Help You Gather Feedback on Specific Skills

November 18, 2019
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When you gather feedback, you may notice that the set of skills you ask for feedback on changes from peer to peer, depending on your working dynamic with them. Since our launch, we've heard the growing need for more customization with gathering feedback. Now with Custom Surveys, you'll be able to request feedback on specific skills from peers who know you best.

Ways to Use Custom Surveys

Recently presented at your team's all-hands? Now, you can gather feedback on specific, relevant skills like Public Speaking and Body Language. Just wrapped up your first cross-functional project? Be laser-focused and ask for feedback on just a single skill like Leadership or Supportiveness. Whether you want feedback on just a specific skill or several, you'll be able to do that today with ease using Custom Surveys.

How Custom Surveys Work

You can create a Custom Survey by going to the Home page, then clicking Request Feedback. After selecting Create Custom Surveys, you can choose specific skills to gather feedback on. Like Matter's Smart Surveys, Custom Surveys also allow you to gather actionable feedback on Matter's 30+ recommended skills  (and over 300 abilities!). Let's see it in action:

How to start a Custom Survey

Matter's Smart Surveys

Don't worry, Matter's Smart Survey is still available to help you quickly gather actionable feedback on all the skills you're currently working on. You can access Matter's Smart Survey by going to the Home page, then clicking Request Feedback. As you use it regularly, Matter's Smart Survey will get better at helping you hone into your superpowers and blind spots.

Also New In This Update

Along with the introduction of Custom Surveys, you'll now have the ability to customize the invite message that is sent to your peers and use a shareable link to gather feedback. Similar to Matter's Smart Surveys, your peers do not need to sign up for a Matter's account to give you feedback.

Customizable Invite Message

After starting a Custom Survey or Matter's Smart Survey, you'll be prompted to edit or use the default invitation message that's sent to your peers via email. Lost for words? Here are some quick tips for writing an irresistible invite message:

  • Remind them of your last interaction. Example:
    "Thanks for helping me put together my first presentation with leadership today. I'd love to get your feedback on my Presentation Skills. I appreciate your time, Emily!"
  • Share why you're asking them for feedback. Example:
    "I am working to be a better listener this year. I hope you can share some feedback on my Listening and Candor skills. Thank you so much, Jane!"
  • Let them know why you value their feedback. Example:
    "You're someone I look up to in our team and I'd love to get your feedback to help me grow my Communication skills. Thank you, Tim!"
How to customize your invite message

Gather Feedback With a Shareable Link

Want to personally deliver your request? We've got you covered! After starting a Custom Survey and choosing the skills you want feedback on, Matter will generate a shareable link that you can send to your peers.

Where to get your shareable link

What Do You Think of Our Latest Update?

Your feedback matters. Let us know what you think about Custom Surveys and this update by tweeting to us @matterapp.

Got Questions?

We're here to help. Tweet to us @matterapp or email us at hello(at) Here are some frequently asked questions and their answers:

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