Top Skills For A Project Manager

The professional skills project managers need to develop a growth-mindset and become better leaders.

The Opportunity for Project Managers

As a project manager, you are the traffic control for your team’s cross-functional efforts. You must be able to direct workflows, kickoff projects, and delegate effectively. Besides the technical skills, the best project managers also possess high emotional intelligence (EQ) professional and soft skills. These are the project manager skills that help you communicate clearly, balance your day-to-day responsibilities, and juggle the needs of your team.

Why Project Managers Should Embrace the Growth Mindset

Once individuals start moving away from a fixed mindset where they believe talent is static and qualities like intelligence and empathy can’t be improved, they will start seeing themselves as constant learners. Asking questions, offering ideas, and giving and receiving feedback all become normalized. Collaboration and communication improve and lead to new ideas and better performance.

With a growth mindset, team members will see themselves as an important part of a team and take responsibility for their own growth while doing everything they can to help their teammates do the same. When challenges, setbacks, and shortcomings arise, these experiences are seen as opportunities to grow rather than a failure. Failure isn’t something that has to be feared and doesn’t produce the mental anxiety that can keep someone from trying new ideas.

Feedback is no longer something to be dreaded. Instead, it’s an opportunity for growth. Challenges are no longer something to be avoided, but embraced. Resilience in the face of obstacles replaces the tendency to just give up.

Important Skills for

Top Skills For A Project Manager

Who can benefit from practicing analytical thinking?

The Project Manager Skills Needed to Achieve Success

Project managers have a variety of skills that make them great assets. While every project manager should have a certain technical know-how, it’s your non-technical skills that will ensure your projects’ success.

How Matter Helps You Grow Your Project Manager Skills

Regular feedback is the number one way that project managers can develop these professional and soft skills. Even if you get feedback from your manager, that feedback may be limited in scope and far too irregular to allow you to make constructive use of the information in real-time.

Consistent, actionable feedback is needed to make micro changes in your communication style, body language, leadership methods, and the other elements of your work. When you have access to genuine feedback and constructive advice in a 360-degree perspective, you will gain a better understanding of how others see you and your skills as a project manager.

Regular feedback makes it possible for you to grow, change, and develop into the best possible version of yourself that you can be. You will learn how to hone your natural talents while also demystifying the process of nurturing the skills that come less easily to you.

Matter makes it possible for you to get the feedback you need. Matter’s 360-degree feedback platform makes it easy to embrace growth and monitor your performance against your personal goals. Matter helps you reach your potential and develop transferable skills that will last a lifetime.

How to Get Started

Matter helps you measure your performance against the goals that are important to you in your role as a project manager. Matter’s continuous, 360-degree feedback system is a unique way of gathering information from your trusted peers. You can use that information in real-time to shatter any personal or professional barriers that are holding you back.

Learn how to develop a genuine “growth mindset” that will enable you to constantly improve and meet your career goals — both now and in the future! Unlock your full potential today and embrace your aspirations with Matter.

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