Matter’s Skills

Through our research, Matter has identified the top professional and soft skills that are linked to performance and career success. Contrary to popular belief, these skills can also be taught and learned through a growth mindset just like any hard skills. Matter helps professionals tease out blindspots and areas for growth through regular peer-to-peer feedback. Feedback that’s actionable for your personal and career aspirations.

Feedback and Skill Development

More often than not, professionals only realize they are lacking professional and soft skills when it’s too late. On top of that, soft skills are rarely taught in traditional classrooms or learning and development programs. Unlike hard skills, a deficit in professionals and soft skills is often difficult to spot. At Matter, we believe entire teams can transform into incredible organizations by embracing a culture of candid and frequent feedback giving.

Professional and Soft Skills

Success in the workplace boils down to more than just hard skills. Rather, the way you communicate and collaborate with others plays a critical role in your long term success. Your ability to solve problems, lead, support, and communicate are all great examples of how soft skills can lead to upward career mobility. Learn how to develop, improve, and master these skills:

  • Analytical Thinking: Applies logical thinking to solve complex problems
  • Body Language: Uses engaging and approachable gestures, facial expressions, and postures
  • Candor: Communicates in a truthful and in a straightforward manner
  • Coaching: Communicates in a truthful and in a straightforward manner
  • Code Quality: Writes long-term useful and long-term maintainable code
  • Communication: Clearly conveys information to others (written or verbal)
  • Delegation: Assigns manageable tasks, responsibilities, and authority to others appropriately
  • Design Thinking: Applies user-centered methodologies to solve problems and create solutions
  • Empathy: Possesses the ability to connect with other people’s thoughts and emotions
  • Hiring: Convinces talented people to join your team and/or company
  • Inclusiveness: Creates an environment that values individual and group differences
  • Influence: Convinces others to listen and do things that positively impact the team or company
  • Leadership: Leads, motivates, and inspires your team and/or company
  • Listening: Attends to the speaker in a way that displays interest and enthusiasm
  • Multitasking: Handles more than one task at the same time with ease
  • Presentation Skills: Delivers effective, understandable, and engaging presentations to a variety of audiences
  • Productivity: Accomplishes an above average amount of work without excessive stress
  • Project Management: Leads a team project from inception to completion
  • Public Speaking: Speaks to a live audience in an informative, persuasive, and entertaining manner
  • Resilience: Recovers quickly from difficulties or setbacks
  • Resourcefulness: Overcomes challenging problems in an effective way
  • Responsiveness: Provides follow-up to peers’ requests for information or assistance without delay
  • Social Media Management: Conveys one’s brand, company, or personal views in an effective way via social channels
  • Storytelling: Creates an engaging oral or written message that contains a lesson via a narrative
  • Strategic Thinking: Develops effective plans that are aligned with an organization’s mission
  • Supportiveness: Listens and provides help for individual or team in an encouraging, sensitive manner
  • Technical Acumen: Grasps the technical details required to lead a project
  • Technical Leadership: Ensures strong technical decisions are made while leading a project
  • User Research: Uses investigatives methods to understand and empathize with customers
  • Verbal Communication: Speaks effectively using appropriate vocal tone, speed, volume, and vocabulary
  • Vision: Possesses innovative ideas about how things can be vastly improved in the future

Learn. Improve. Grow.

Our mission is to help everyone reach their career aspirations and achieve their professional goals.