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Top 6 Employee Engagement Softwares

July 23, 2021
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P.S. To get inspired, check out our complete employee engagement guide to get the rundown of things employee engagement ideas, software, surveys, and more!

What is employee engagement software?

Employee engagement software uses a combination of surveys, task management tools, and data analytics tools to help leaders in an organization uncover blind spots in their culture and boost employee engagement.

According to a 2018 Gallup report, a high employee engagement rate drove growth and profit by 21% when compared to competitors. However, employee engagement looks different whenever you go. Some companies value sales or profit over employee engagement to reach their moonshot goals. Depending on the companies priorities, it’s vital to understand the best practices when implementing employee engagement software to improve employee morale, performance, and retention.

Benefits of employee engagement software

In 2013, Gallup found that the U.S. lost between $483 billion and $605 billion every year from low productivity caused by poor employee engagement. If you’re toggling back-and-forth on whether or not to invest in employee engagement software, well this is your sign to go all in.

Employee engagement software not only measures how committed your team is to the organization but also forecasting your company’s success. At the end of the day, your goals are dependent on people that come to work every day. If they can invest their time into making your company successful, it’s your job to come halfway and improve their employee experience. Don’t believe us? Just ask Eric Paley.

Major factors of employee engagement software

When deciding what employee engagement platforms to implement into your organization, find a software that helps you build out your employee engagement strategy. It’s important to see what features your company values when setting goals for improving employee engagement. 

Recognition and public praise

All of us want to be recognized for our efforts, no matter how big or small. Part of choosing employee engagement software is ensuring a reliable recognition program. When organizations take time to practice gratitude, it makes their teams feel valued for their hard work and dedication. Be sure to incorporate employee engagement features that capitalize recognition and gratitude features.

Pulse/temperature surveys

To make sure your company is on the right track, look for employee engagement software that helps leaders measure employee satisfaction is through easy pulse surveys. These temperature checks throughout the quarter or year will give you insight into how people feel in their work environment.

Survey customization

To build off the previous feature, when conducting an employee engagement survey it’s vital to customize it to your organization’s atmosphere. Like we said before, every workplace is different. To get the most accurate information, being able to edit and write custom survey questions will lead to fruitful responses. This option even allows leadership to incorporate open-ended questions where employees can leave feedback to improve engagement. 

Tracking progress

How do you know if your organization is making great strides if there’s no way in tracking the long-term progress? One major factor — if not the most important —  is ensuring that your employee engagement software is tracking the progress is being made.

Top 6 employee engagement software

Now that we’ve gone through the features and benefits of employee engagement software, here are some recommendations when choosing a platform that will help improve engagement. 

  • Culture Amp. This employee engagement platform lets human resources and leaders conduct pulse surveys to employees, analyze results through analytics, and allows peers to give 360-degree feedback.
  • 15Five. A continuous performance management solution, 15Five helps professionals grow and develop their soft and technical skills in just 15 minutes every week.
  • Kudos. Known for their employee recognition rituals, Kudos empowers people of all levels to give meaningful recognition and rewards in real-time.
  • Matter. Shameless plug! It’s no secret we’re big fans of feedback. If you’re looking to build a stronger, happier remote culture, we’ve got you covered. With Matter, you can recognize your team members with Kudos, gather continuous feedback, and so much more.
  • TINYpulse. To help leadership understand how inspired and committed their team feel, TINYpulse incorporates a communication feature where employees can share anonymous feedback.
  • Sparkbay. This intuitive engagement platform helps HR leaders understand employee engagement in real-time, and managers better act on feedback through personalized, easy-to-implement actions.
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