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2021 Ultimate Guide to Manager Feedback Surveys [+7 Final Tips]
When you don’t have time to gather feedback in person, manager feedback surveys are an ideal way to gather actionable insights on your company’s employee experience.
Team Development
11 Key Areas of Development for Employees in 2021
Employee development can be make or break for a company. That's why it's important to continuously develop your employees to reach their potential. Here are 11 key areas to help develop in.
Kudos: Employee Appreciation in 2021 [Complete Guide]
What are Kudos, and what part can they play in your employee appreciation program? Here is everything you need to know.
5 Must-Effective Kudos Software in 2021
Recognize and reward team members with Kudos (public praise) for a job well done. Here's the top Kudos software to appreciate coworkers.
Performance & Feedback
6 Effective Tips for Giving Peer Feedback
While peer feedback seems relatively straightforward, there are many important do’s and don’ts to giving feedback to one’s peers in the workplace. Today we’ll be offering six tips on how you can give successful feedback to your peers.
Performance & Feedback
The Importance of Giving Peer Feedback [5 Reasons]
Feedback between peers allows us as employees to learn from past mistakes and grow as workers together. Today we’ll take a deeper look into peer feedback, and discuss just how important it really is.
Performance & Feedback
Performance Management Process in 2021
The performance management process identifies the organization’s performance objectives and measures how well employees are meeting these performance objectives using formal performance plans or informal feedback.
Performance & Feedback
What is 360 Degree Feedback, Anyway? [2021 Guide]
A lighthearted but informative look at what 360 feedback is and how you can harness its power in your organization.
Performance & Feedback
Benefits of 360 Degree Feedback in 2021 [All Team Sizes]
360-degree feedback can be incredibly helpful for large businesses, small businesses, and remote workers alike! Here is a summary of the benefits of 360-degree feedback.
Performance & Feedback
360 Feedback Examples [All Business Sizes]
360 feedback examples, sample responses to a 360-degree evaluation questionnaire, can be helpful to read through before writing your own survey. Here are feedback examples from small businesses, organizations, and remote teams.
Performance & Feedback
360 Degree Feedback Pros and Cons [All Business Sizes]
A look at 360-degree feedback pros and cons for small, medium, and large businesses! Use this rundown to help you decide if a 360 review is right for you.
Differences Between Involuntary & Voluntary Employee Turnover
While neither voluntary or involuntary employee turnover are necessarily good for business, there are silver linings to both. Today, we’ll be discussing the differences between the two and the positives and negatives to both.
How to Calculate Your Business's Employee Turnover Rate [With Formula]
Employee turnover can be a tricky issue for businesses, and sometimes figuring out what your turnover rate is can be difficult. That’s why today we’d like to help by discussing how you can calculate your business’ turnover rate and also provide a few tips on how to reduce it.
Feedback Filters, Slack your feedback, and more!
We have been hard at work to make it easier for you and your team to start building a feedback culture together. Filter Your Feedback: With our newly introduced Feedback tab, you can also look up and filter feedback based on Kudos, senders, and skills. Feedback Filters is available for all Pro workspaces.
Performance & Feedback
15 Key Features of Constructive Feedback for Employees
Constructive feedback is important, but it is essential that it is delivered in a way that will make an impact. These 15 key features of constructive feedback detail everything you need to know to make your employee feedback influential.
Performance & Feedback
Positive vs. Constructive Feedback (With Examples)
Positive and constructive feedback is important for increasing employee morale and confidence. This type of feedback helps improve employee performance.
How to Improve Employee Retention In 2021
This easy-to-follow guide describes how to improve employee retention through employee appreciation, employee empowerment and employee engagement.
Employee Retention Surveys [2021 Complete Guide]
Employee retention surveys are helpful tools that can enable you to track employee satisfaction and morale as well as plan an effective employee retention strategy. Here are some key principles that will help you put together an easy-to-use survey.