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Feedback Filters, Slack your feedback, and more!
We have been hard at work to make it easier for you and your team to start building a feedback culture together. Filter Your Feedback: With our newly introduced Feedback tab, you can also look up and filter feedback based on Kudos, senders, and skills. Feedback Filters is available for all Pro workspaces.
Matter for Teams: Slack Integration, Ritual, and so much more!
Today's the day! Matter is officially exiting beta with the launch of Matter for Teams to help you build stronger and happier team culture! Now, you can use Matter with your entire team by creating a workspace to access our new Slack Integration and Feedback Ritual.
Matter's New Give Feedback Flow is Now Amazing
When you start a company, you aspire to make a positive impact in the world. Oftentimes, after launching your minimal viable product (MVP), you learn that you might not be living up to your mission statement.
This week's changelog comes with bug fixes and a dashing new way to track the status of your feedback requests and where they've landed.
New Feature: Analytics for your feedback and skills is here!
You asked and we've delivered. Now, you'll be able to track your progress, check out analytics, and view feedback on a specific skill all in one place. Understanding how you're doing on a skill just got a whole lot easier.
New Feature: Kudos
Now with kudos, you can celebrate, praise, and recognize your peers in style, both individual and team wins.
New: Custom Surveys Help You Gather Feedback on Specific Skills
Since our launch, we've heard the growing need for more customization when it came to gathering feedback. Now with Custom Surveys, you'll be able to gather feedback on specific skills based on the peers you're asking and your interactions with them.
Welcoming Matthew to Matter!
I’m excited to announce that Matthew Eernisse has joined Matter as our Chief Technology Officer. Matthew is an engineering veteran who previously held senior leadership roles at Zenefits, Microsoft, and Yammer.
Welcoming Tai to Matter!
I’m thrilled to announce that Tai Tran recently joined Matter as our Head of Marketing! Tai brings a slew of experiences in storytelling from some of the most beloved brands in the world like Apple and Samsung.
Our Journey Crafting Matter's First Product Video
Our call to adventure in crafting Matter’s first product video and the mission to share Matter with the world.
New Features: Custom Skills and More!
We understand that “one size doesn’t fit all,” which is why we’re announcing new updates so you can customize your feedback experience.
Spouse POV: 'So Proud of Matter's Social Impact Product Nomination'
I’m a psychologist and researcher. My husband is a two-time founder and CEO in Silicon Valley. At first glance, it might seem like there’s little overlap in our professional lives. Until now, that was mostly true. That all changed when my husband started Matter, a social impact company.

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